Amity - virtual caregiver, the technology

Based on AI, sensors & virtual PBX

Amity system overview

    Amity system combines high technology solutions with maximum affordability, safety & privacy.

    The system is modular & scales to any size – from a private home to a network of assisted living facilities or hospitals with any number of rooms, tenants, or patients.

    Typical system setup consists of:

    • Low cost home unit for minimal system that provides many features
    • Additional sensors and cameras can be integrated as needed
    • Cloud base system – minimal setup investment
    • Easily installed by the caregiver – no need for a technician
    • User friendly GUI – easy to operate
    • Call center software (included)
    • Almost invisible presence with assured privacy for the client
    Assisted Living Monitoring System Amity

    Amity system components:

    AI based Assisted Living System

    Neural network based AI agent

    • AI situation decoding with real-time neural-network-based artificial intelligence agent
    • IP camera and sensors input
    • Scenarios logic to set specific parameters to each elderly individual
    • Assessment logic to assess trends
    • Cloud based server serves whole communities
    • Secured link over the internet
    • Absolute privacy

    Keeping the user’s privacy:

    The usage of cameras may cause concerns about the privacy of the users.

    In order to assure privacy, Amity has a special privacy mode that uses the camera as an AI sensor rather than a camera. Once the picture is detected and analyzed by the AI system, the picture is permanently deleted, so at any given time there are no pictures stored in the system.

    Low power long range wireless sensors & cameras (added based on client needs)

    Amity home unit

    Amity home unit

    • PIR (Passive infra red) motion
    • Light intensity
    • Temperature
    • Door status
    • Bed status
    • Automatic night light
    Emergency sensor with button for an assisted living

    Nurse calling device with emergency button

    • Emergency button
    • Vibration feedback (call accepted)
    • Blinking light indicates open call
    • Toilet model
    Virtual IP PBX

    Built-in Virtual PBX & internal call center

    • Generates emergency calls when needed
    • Supports communications platform and video calls
    • Includes video phone clients for Android and iPhone for caregivers and family members
    • Call logs (CDR)
    • Call recording
    • Integral call center functionality
    • Built in SMS and e-mail agents
    Remote healthcare for the elderly

    Additional components - remote healthcare monitoring & at-home medical services

    • Physician video call consultation
    • Automated medication compliance reminder (only when needed)
    • Integration to medical measurement equipment:
    • Oximeter
    • Blood Glucose Meter
    • Thermometer
    • Blood pressure gauge
    • Body scales
    • Outstanding matters like sleep issues are reported to the medical file
    • Physician, caregivers and family members can initiate a video call from their cellphone
    • The elderly can initiate a video emergency call with a single button activation
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