Aging at place

With Amity artificial-intelligence (AI) caregiver

Independent & safe aging at home with Amity system

Safe independent aging at home system

Aging in place has many advantages:

  • 80%-90% of the population worldwide prefer to age in place
  • Aging-in-place (AiP) contributes to full or partial independence
  • Close to familiar friends and neighborhood
  • Reduction of drastic changes at old age

More independence contributes to:

  • Self-esteem
  • More health
  • Better cognition
  • Less depression
  • Higher satisfaction
  • Less expenses – private and public


The Amity caregiver is an invisible companion that never sleeps to support independent aging at place.

Based on AI it enables feeble elderly to live at home, independently and safely. Amity is an ambient system that requires no active participation on part of the elderly and uses no wearables.

The constant monitoring without any privacy violation is performed by Amity home unit – a small, affordable device with sensors and cameras, connected by a secured link over the Internet to an Amity cloud server.

Using a neural network AI, Amity “understands” different situations, feeds it to a scenario-based software that activates emergency alerts to the caregivers as needed, and generates reports.


Customized Alerts for any possible scenario:

Amity AI engine learns the elderly’s routine and alerts a designated caregiver on emergencies and deviation from the routine such as:

  • Lack of motion or exaggerated motion
  • Falling at home
  • Sleep/ awake duration and other ADL
  • Numbers and duration of toilets visits
  • Failure to take medication on time
  • Physiological monitoring (heart rate, respiration, temperature, ECG, glycemia) and “bringing the hospital to the patient instead of the patient to the hospital”
  • Extreme changes in environmental temperature
  • Refrigerator and cooking stove use
  • TV and other entertainment devises use
  • Visits by external visitors
Aging at home monitoring sensor

Amity home unit

Amity system at home – assured privacy & safety

Client privacy is assured.

Camera pictures can be either stored, deleted immediately after decoding, or kept as blurred images in the cloud, based on the user’s preferences. 

Assisted Living Monitoring System Amity

Amity is already in use in both several nursing homes and private homes and has demonstrated a low level of false alarms (false positive) or missed events (false negative).

The use of neural networks-based AI recognizing images and processing inputs from Amity ambient sensors and cameras and its ongoing AI-based learning capabilities, makes Amity a unique solution for both institutional and home care, unlike any other solution in the market today.

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