Amity - a division of Xorcom Ltd.

The developer of Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) sensor based system

Xorcom Ltd. (a private company) was founded in 2004, it manufactures and sells telecommunications equipment – IP PBX systems, IP phones, VoIP gateways to more than 100 countries worldwide.

In 2011 the company started a new division within Xorcom, Amity, that focuses in elderly support research and development.

The division developed Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) sensor based system that includes all the communications and data management technology of our telecommunications division. Together with Eshel (the largest organization that develops services for the elderly in Israel) we ran a pilot in sixty lonely elderly homes in central and northern parts of Israel.

Later on we adopted Amity system for the institutional market – senior homes, assisted living and skilled nursing departments, and installed the system in many institutions in Israel.

For the last two years we’ve developed artificial intelligence, neural network based technology and integrated it into the Amity system. The recent developments made most of the older sensors redundant and increased the performance of Amity many folds. At the same time, the new technology reduced the complexity and the cost of the system.


Eran Gal - CEO of Xorcom

Eran Gal

Xorcom co-founder & CEO.

Ilan Gonen MD Amity

Ilan Gonen

M.D., owner of TAC – Tangent Alzheimer Care network of nursing homes and Tangent Data – Clinical Trials, co-founder of LTCA – Long Term Care Alliance.

Michel Davidson MD Amity

Michel Davidson

M.D., Director Stuckinski Centre for Alzheimer’s Disease Care

A tenured professor at the Faculty of Medicine at Tel Aviv University’s Sackler School of Medicine and Mount Sinai Hospital in New York.

Paull G. Radu MD Amity

Paull G. Radu

M.D., medical director of TAC – Tangent Alzheimer Care network of nursing homes and Tangent Data Clinical Trials.

Paull G. Radu MD Amity

Izzy Gal

Xorcom CIO & co-founder.  Director of Amity division.

Founder of BOS (NASDAQ:  BOSC).

Serial entrepreneur.

Advisory board:

John Davis

John Davis

Gilman Professor of Psychiatry and Research Professor of Medicine – University of Illinois at Chicago.

Ilan Gonen MD Amity

Yitzhak Brick

Chairman – The Israel Gerontological Society Department of Gerontology, University of Haifa.

IFA founder & former chairman.

Michel Davidson MD Amity

Sibylle Le Maire

Bayard, Club Landoy, Force Femmes, Goalkeeper.

Paull G. Radu MD Amity

Mary Sano

Associate dean for clinical research, Mount Sinai Hospital.  Specialist in Alzheimer’s disease and psychology.

Paull G. Radu MD Amity

Kai Leichsenring

Executive director – European Center for Social Welfare Policy and Research.

Paull G. Radu MD Amity

John Beard

Former WHO Director Ageing and Life Course Department

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