Amity – AI-based smart system for
safe aging in place

Amity AI-based system is used for aging in place to ensure maximum safety, quality of life, prevention of emergency situations & negative scenarios ensuring maximum privacy.

The system alerts caregivers, generates customized reports, predicts negative trends.

Unique features:

  • Neural-network-based AI (artificial intelligence)
  • Reduces adverse event like falls and medication adherence issues
  • e-Health support – video calls to video-enabled call center
  • Simple video calls to family members
  • Instant, real-time fall alerts
  • E-mail reports and alerts for ADL changes, possible depression, etc.
  • Maximum privacy for the client
  • Instant pictures pushed to the family members
  • AI-based analyses of the situation, trends prediction & reports: e.g. ADL changes, possible depression, etc.

The system is developed by Amity – a division of Xorcom Ltd.
The system is modular, it consists of AI neural network, built-in virtual PBX & integrated call center software,
IP cameras & low power long-range wireless sensors.

Amity assisted living system is based on Artificial intelligence and consists of:

Assisted Living Monitoring System Amity
  • AI situation decoding with real-time neural-network-based artificial intelligence agent
  • IP camera and sensors input
  • Automatic soft motion-sensitive night light to prevent falls
  • Call center based video calls to caregivers/doctors
  • Video calls to friends and family
  • Family can share pictures in real-time
  • Medication compliance check, medication reminders (only if medications were not taken)
  • Scenarios logic to set specific parameters to each elderly individual
  • Assessment logic to assess trends
  • The cloud-based server serves whole communities
  • Secured link over the internet
  • Absolute privacy for the client

Features & applications of Amity system at home & at assisted living facility

Customised alerts for caregivers in any emergency scenario

Amity system is acting as Artificial-Intelligence Caregiver, based on AI neural network it decodes situations in real-time, monitors, creates reports and alerts caregivers in any emergency scenario set in the system, such as:

Elderly condition monitoring
  • Fall, in/out bed, restlessness
  • Medication adherence
  • Fall
  • Medication compliance issues
  • Didn’t get out of bed
  • Didn’t return home
  • Staying too long at the same place
  • Suspicious activity at home
  • Panic/help button activation
  • any other scenario can be added

Important daily activity data collection and analyses

Amity can be used for daily activity monitoring in the nursing home facility or at home collecting, recording and analyzing data as:

  • Daily activity 
  • Wake up time
  • Bed time (reminder if needed)
  • Meal time (reminder if needed)
  • Sleep quality:
    • Time
    • Restlessness
  • Number of toilet visits
  • Ambient light
  • Leaving home
  • Visitor 
Alert system for assisted living

Negative trend prevention with trends reports

Assisted living Trends reports

The system can produce customized trends reports and predict & indicate alerting conditions as:

  • Loneliness
  • Cognition issues
  • Medication compliance issues
  • Abnormal eating
  • Abnormal sleeping
  • Suspicious activity at home


Recording, monitoring & reporting caregivers actions & response time

Amity assists caregivers to perform scheduled & emergency tasks

  • Automatically monitors tenants/patience condition
  • Monitors scheduled tasks performed
  • Record response time & actions taken
  • Sends alerts
  • Provides integrated call-center functionality
  • Generates reports 
  • Helps to analyse trends & optimize daily tasks
Alert system for assisted living

Amity is the division of Xorcom – IP PBX developer & manufacturer

IP PBX & IP Phones

The system inludes Virtual PBX and Call Center software integration.

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